Dragonflies and their Crazy Eyes

Dragonflies live in a whole other world, one that makes ours look like slow motion.  Those big ol’ eyes are not just cute but also insanely advanced.


Bug War Wednesday!

This week’s bug war is a very exciting one indeed.  Two heavy hitters of the entomological world, the deadly and venomous Brazilian Wandering Spider versus the poised master of martial arts, the Hooded Mantis.

7 Amazing Species Of Flower Praying Mantises : Amazing List


This pretty pink fellow above is an Orchid mantis, and has learned to imitate flowers in order to sneakily snatch up unsuspecting prey.  Mantises are one of my  all time favorite insects, and there are so many more than just the charming green guys in your backyard.  Mantises around the world have evolved to their different environments and developed incredible features as a result.

Check out all seven by clicking the link below.


Artist Steven Kutcher uses insects to make his paintings

Lots of people have made art depicting or inspired by insects, but ” The Bug Man” Steven Kutcher actually makes his art with insects as his paintbrush!  As one of the few cross specia art teams, our six legged friends finally get a chance to express themselves through fine art.

Dr. Kutcher is also lowkey one of the coolest guys on the planet.  He is a renowned entomologist who simply loves to play with bugs. He taught naturalists Steve Erwin and Jane Goodall, and also worked with insects on movie sets like Spiderman and Arachnophobia.