Making and using kill jars

A word on safety.

 Whether you’re using ethyl acetate or acetone it is important to remember that these are powerful chemicals that kill bugs for a reason.  Do not charge your jars indoors or around others.  Do not put your face in a jar or smell it to see if its charged.  It’s not good for you.  If you have an adult who can help you, ask them.

The chemicals ethyl acetate and acetone are very volatile.  This means they readily become a gas at room temperature, so don’t leave the lid off the container.  The gas stays in your jar and insects breathe it in.  It affects them as a neurotoxin, meaning it affects their brain.

Using store bought jars

Purchased kill jars will have a foam piece under the lid.  Twist and remove this piece before applying a small squirt of ethyl acetate or acetone.  Replace the lid and you’re good to go!

Making your own jars

I highly recommend making your own kill jars as it is inexpensive and  allows you to reuse old jars.  To choose the right jar, smaller is usually better so that it is easy carry around with you and you won’t need to charge it as often.

First, dab some ethyl acetate or acetone on a napkin, tissue, or paper towel.  It’s okay to get some on your hands but try to keep the chemicals away from your face and rinse your hands after.  Crumple the paper and put it in the jar.  That’s it! Replace the lid and get hunting!